Nursing Pillow

Comfortably Breastfeed Or Bottle-Feed Your Baby With The BabyBoost #1 Nursing Pillow Holding your baby while feeding them for long hours can be exhausting, not only for you but for your baby as well. Our BabyBoost provides the proper comfort and support to help mothers breastfeed or bottle-feed their babies with ease. With its ergonomic design, the BabyBoost reduces the burden on your arm and eliminates shoulder pressure while nursing your baby. The best part of all, the BabyBoost is designed with a small headrest to support the baby's head. EASY TO USE Our BabyBoost is easy to use! Just strap up, position and you are good to go! Pop the back support in for security and put the sling across your neck to take the pressure off of your neck, back, and arm to provide ultimate comfort and perfect positioning. OFFER GREAT SUPPORT Featuring an ergonomic design, this BabyBoost can easily adapt to your height and is strong enough to support the weight of your baby. With this feature, you can now feed your precious baby without carrying them the entire time. MADE FROM SOFT MATERIALS Provide ultimate comfort for your Newborn and you! With super-soft materials, you now have the most positive experience breastfeeding possible. SECURE + COMFORTABLE The BabyBoost has a small headrest for the baby, keeping their head at a 15-degree angle to avoid vomiting and promote a better feeding position. It also has belts with buckle closures to make the baby feel more secure and prevent them from sliding or rolling down. USE AS A HEADREST There are so many uses for our BabyBoost. One of Happy Bab's favorites is to use the headrest separately. So your newborn can have the head support needed. VERSATILE USE Not only can you use this BabyBoost for breastfeeding, but you can also use it as a maternity pillow or a baby learning seat. Plus, it can be used as a seat cushion to help relieve the pressure on your waist, reducing pain in your spine. PORTABLE + WASHABLE The cotton cover of the BabyBoost is filled with anti-allergy pearl cotton that can be removed and washed. It is also foldable, making it easy to store and transport on your trips. FREE UP YOUR HANDS Free up your hands whilst keeping a close eye on your newborn so you can catch up on text messages or get some downtime watching your favorite TV shows whilst your baby sleeps.