Electric breast pump with low noise and no pain at all!

  • Multifunctional: Breast milk pump provides gentle massage mode and comfortable breast pumping mode, reducing breast discomfort and stimulating breast milk secretion. With 9 levels of power, you can set the speed and rhythm that best suits your body. The breast pump’s memory function enables it to enter the last breast pumping mode when it is turned on, saving time and effort.
  • Convenience: The hands-free breast pump frees the mother’s hands so that the mother can work or rest during breast milk. Comes with five milk bags, you can put the breast milk into the milk bag for convenient breast milk storage and use. The lightweight electric breast pump does not take up much space, so you can carry it with you without any burden.
  • Ergonomics technology: 105° soft silicone breast horn cover, consistent with most types of mother’s breast shape, perfectly fit the breast, and allow the mother to secrete breast milk in a relaxing and comfortable way.
  • Rechargeable: Built-in 800mAh rechargeable lithium battery, it can be used for about 80 minutes after fully charged. After 30 minutes of work, it will automatically shut down to prevent mothers from using it for a long time and unfavorable to the breast. Comes with a USB cable, so you can use or charge it anywhere.
  • Safe and non-toxic: made of food-grade silicone and PP. It is skin-friendly, safe, and does not irritate the soft skin of the breast and the delicate mouth of the baby. Wearable breast pump is detachable, easy to clean, safer and more reliable.

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Wearable Breast Pump
Small and Smart

We not only pay attention to smallness and portability, but also the use of intelligence and humanity.


  • More User-friendly Design:In order to make it more convenient for mothers to use, the host of the pump is made of advanced and durable touch buttons and clearer LED display.
  • Smarter Program: When moms turn on the breast pump and use it, it will automatically upshift after every 90 seconds until the 5th level.That can Help mothers to smoothly transition to their breast pumping rhythm.
  • Portable and Can Be Worn in-Bra: The net weight of the breast pump is less than 9oz. It can be easily put into any bags and carry to anywhere.Moms can also wear it in a bra to make it invisible.
Low-Noist Design


Sleep quality is the key to baby’s healthy growth. The working noise of this pump is less than 50 dB, just like the whispers of parents and will not wake up the sleeping baby.